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Recruiting Finance and Accounting Personnel

When hiring management-level and staff employees for any accounting or financial position, every company, from start-ups to well-established corporations, insists on integrity, competency and dedication for every new employee. As a leading search and recruiting firm, we specialize in the finance and accounting field. We strive to present our clients with only those candidates who have demonstrated those qualities through actual performance. Since our founding in 1995, our recruitment processes have been adjusted and refined to ensure that only fully-qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates are selected. Whether you retain us to find a new CFO, CAO, Director of Finance or Audit Director or to locate potential employees for the full range of staff positions, our team of experienced recruiters assures you of top-notch applicants who match your requirements precisely.

Matching Your Precise Requirements

Our time-tested process is designed to provide highly productive and motivated candidates for any position, from direct-hire and contract-to-hire to contract and temporary employees. Whatever the position, our recruitment agency, centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, employs the same high-quality, efficient and cost-effective strategies to present you with accurately matched candidates for:

Full-Service Recruiting and Placement Firm for Finance and Accounting

We are a national leader in accounting and financing job placement and recruitment services. With a nationwide scope and a specialized focus, we have been assisting our clients throughout the USA with their placement needs since 1995, from New York, Detroit, Albuquerque and Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Seattle, Charlotte and Dallas, and from Chicago, Milwaukee, Toledo and Cleveland to Atlanta, St. Louis, New Orleans and San Antonio. At any level in your finance and accounting departments, from the executive offices to entry-level staffing, we stand ready to assist you. Our experienced and dedicated recruiters are at your command, ready to use our extensive database and network to locate and present candidates who are ideally matched to your requirements. We pride ourselves on our expeditious performance, accurate matching and cost-effective recruiting and placement services. Contact us today. We strive to form long-term relationships with every client through delivery of outstanding performance.